Outdoor Club of South Jersey

The mission of OCSJ/cycling is to promote recreational bicycling activities in all forms as part of a healthy lifestyle.  We offer entry level “D” pace rides (10-12 mph) to the more intense “B” pace rides (16-18+ mph) and everything in between.   We have 20 mile rides to 100 mile rides. 


Of course safety is our main concern and we have a wonderful group of people willing to help out any rider with any concern.  We encourage everyone to ride together for the camaraderie that cycling provides.


We always welcome new riders and experienced riders wanting to step up and lead rides.  With OCSJ you’re sure to find a ride you are comfortable with, so come prepared to HAVE GREAT FUN!


Please remember that helmets are required on all OCSJ rides.  Spare tubes, pump, tools and the ability to use them are also necessary. 


As the bicycling chair, please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns. 


Thank you and see you on the road or trail.


Neil Kornhauser